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Your Voice, Your Choice

The California Voter’s Choice Act became law in 2016 and was enacted to make voting more convenient and accessible for all voters. Currently 74% of Calaveras County voters vote by mail. With the Voter’s Choice Act, every registered voter will receive a vote by mail ballot. This gives each voter the option to return their ballot by mail, at a vote center, or ballot drop box location. Voters also have the ability to vote in-person or receive assistance at any vote center in the county. Three vote centers in the county will be open three days prior to Election Day allowing voters to vote on a day that fits into their busy schedules. The list below details some of the other conveniences of adopting the Voter’s Choice Act.

  • You choose how to vote: through the mail, ballot drop location, or in-person vote center.
  • You choose when to vote: you now have 11 days (including Election Day) to vote at one of two locations in Calaveras County, another two locations will be open for voting 4 days (including Election Day). Each vote center will be open 8 hours, 8am-4pm and 13 hours on Election Day, 7am-8pm.    
  • You can vote at any vote center in the County: you are not limited to only one location.  
  • Get the support you need: Vote Center staff will be there to help you have a great voting experience, including providing access to Spanish language translators, helping those with disabilities and updating your registration if needed.

Public Outreach Materials:

Cost Comparison Report:

​The Voter's Choice Act (VCA), which was first implemented in Calaveras County in March 2020, required the County to make a set of one-time purchases to transition it away from the traditional polling place model. To better understand the cost of elections under this model of election administration, the Voter's Choice Act requires participating counties to provide a report that compares the cost of elections conducted under the VCA to the cost of previous elections (Elec. Code § 4005(g)(2)). To view the Cost Comparison Report Click Here.

Elections Administration Plan

As part of the implementation of the Voter’s Choice Act, the Calaveras County Registrar of Voters has prepared the Election Administration Plan in coordination with the Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee & Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC/LAAC) and it is in the beginning stages of public comment. Once the comment period ends and amendments are made, it will be submitted to the Secretary of State for review and acceptance. To see a copy of the plans click one of the links below.



    Gathering Public Input - Public Meetings

    The County is interested in collaborating with the community to gather input on vote center placement. All meetings are designed to help shape the future of voting in the County. Below is a listing of the scheduled dates and times of meetings. 

    • No meetings at this time


    Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee (VAAC) & Language Accessibility Advisory Committee (LAAC)

    The County Registrar of Voters established a joint VAAC & LAAC in 2017 to assist and advise on existing programs to reach out to voters with language, and accessibility concerns. The citizen advisory committee helps by making recommendations for improving access to voting and election materials. Ensuring that all voters of Calaveras County can vote independently and privately.

    Please call the Elections Office at (209) 754-6376 or Email US with any questions or comments.

    What is a Vote Center?

    Think of a vote center as your one-stop location for all things related to voting. You’ll be able to vote at any vote center in the County. To see a list of the anticipated locations of vote centers and the days and times voting will be available go to

    What is a Ballot Drop Box Location?

    Every registered voter in the County will be mailed a ballot starting 29 days before Election Day. There will be at least three ballot drop box locations open during this time. A list of anticipated ballot drop box locations and the days and times they will be open can be found here

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