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Campaign Services

Become a Candidate 8 August 2023

Become a Candidate


The link below has information related to candidate filing. Find information on running for office in the upcoming election on the Candidate Filing page. Under the Next Election tab above, you can find information such as the offices up for election and important dates for candidates.

The best advice for all candidates is to FILE EARLY. The filing deadlines are rigid. If you wait until the last moment to file a document that may contain errors or omissions, your right to appear on the ballot may be lost. Mistakes and/or oversights can be corrected if given adequate time.

If you have questions about running for office, you can reach Candidate Services at (209) 754-6375 or toll-free in California at 1-833-536-8683. You can also e-mail questions.

Campaign Finance Disclosure (FPPC) 15 August 2023

Campaign Finance Disclosure (FPPC)


Candidates and proponents and opponents of local measures and state propositions must file financial reports concerning contributions received and expenditures made in accordance with the Political Reform Act of 1974.

The County allows candidates and campaign committees to submit disclosure reports electronically. To get access to the electronic campaign filing system account, please provide our staff with your Form 501 and a copy of your Form 410.

Local candidates, committees, and officeholders who receive or expend $2,000 or more are required to file electronically. Below is the link to view filed campaign finance forms, and to log into a campaign account to file electronically.

Adding Measures to the Ballot 15 August 2023

Adding Measures to the Ballot

Find information about how to place a measure on a ballot, prepare a ballot argument, and other related processes here.

State Candidates and Propositions 15 August 2023

State Candidates and Propositions


The Secretary ensures election laws and campaign disclosure requirements are enforced, maintains a statewide database of all registered voters, certifies the official lists of candidates for elections, tracks and certifies ballot initiatives, compiles election returns and certifies election results, educates California citizens about their voting rights, and promotes voter registration and participation.

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