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Statewide General Election - November 8, 2022


Offices on the Ballot

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List of Qualified Candidates

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Measures on the Ballot

County of Calaveras

​Measure A

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To fund local fire districts and the City of Angels Camp Fire Department for staffing, training, equipment, and other costs, shall the measure enacting a one percent (1%) transactions and use (sales) tax on all sales of tangible personal property sold at retail in Calaveras County, including the City of Angels Camp, generating approximately $5M annually, without expiration, and increasing appropriation limits consistent with the increased revenue through fiscal year 2026/27, be adopted?

Yes                       No

Calaveras Unified School District

Measure B

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To renovate and construct career and vocational education classrooms and labs, update athletic facilities, upgrade facilities for career training including agriculture, medical sciences and engineering, shall Calaveras Unified School District’s measure authorizing $39.3 million in bonds be adopted, with legal interest rates, estimated levies averaging 5¢ per $100 of assessed value ($2.5 million annually) while bonds are outstanding, citizen oversight, independent audits, no funds for administrator salaries, and all funds spent locally and not taken by the State?

Bond Yes                     Bond No

Circle XX Community Services District

Measure C

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Shall Resolution No. 22-02 of the Circle XX Community Services District, establishing a special tax for a ten-year period (July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2033) in the annual amount of $500 per parcel of real property, generating approximately $71,254 in revenue (for maintaining and improving roads in the District or for any incidental purposes, including maintenance of road ditches, culverts and road signs; and roadside spraying, grass cutting and tree trimming.) be adopted?

Yes                       No

Middle River Community Services District

Measure D  

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Shall the measure, to maintain Middle River Community Services District’s roads, to impose a new special tax, replacing the existing one of $100.00 per improved lot and $75.00 per unimproved lot, be adopted without expiration, at $200.00 per improved lot and $150.00 per unimproved lot? This increase in tax would generate an approximate, additional $13,000.00 annually and would be collected semi-annually via property tax payments, resulting in an approximate $26,000.00 total annual revenue to the District.

Yes                       No

Mark Twain Union Elementary School District

Measure E

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To update classrooms in Copperopolis and Mark Twain Elementary schools; repair/replace roofs, windows, outdated HVAC, plumbing, and aging portables; expand classrooms for the youngest students; and improve safety and campus accessibility; shall Mark Twain Union Elementary School District’s measure authorizing $9,300,000 in bonds at legal rates, levying approximately 1.95¢ per $100 of assessed value and raising an estimated average $640,000 annually while bonds are outstanding, with independent oversight, annual audits, no money for salaries and all funds staying local, be adopted? 

Bond Yes                     Bond No

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November 2022 Voter Information Pamphlet

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