November 5, 2019 Special Election


Offices on the Ballot

  • There are no County or State offices on the ballot for this Special Election.

Candidates on the Ballot

  • There are no County or State candidates for this Special Election.


Measures on the Ballot - City of Angels Camp

Measure C

  • Shall the measure permanently increasing the City of Angels’ transient occupancy tax from ten percent (10%) to twelve percent (12%), to generate an additional $200,000 annually from hotel and vacation rental guests, to fund essential public services including emergency fire response and protection, police patrols, public works maintenance, business attraction and retention; and to increase the City’s appropriations limit for Fiscal Years 2020-2024 by the amount of tax proceeds received by the increase, be approved?

Yes                      No

Measure D

  • Shall the offices of City Clerk and City Treasurer be appointive?

Yes                      No


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